Did you know that most people spend about half of their lives inside their homes? Because we spend so much time there, we want our homes to be warm and welcoming, express our style and personality, and be safe. However, inside any home, there could be hidden threats that affect the health of the occupants. Let’s look at some ways to keep a safe and healthy home.

Ways to Make a Home Healthy and Safe

If you suffer from allergies or other ailments, these issues could be caused by elements inside your home. To improve your health and keep you safe, here are some changes you can make.

Maintain a Safe and Healthy Home by Keeping Dust Under Control

Dust is a common allergen that exists in every home and contributes to health issues. Dust and other irritants have a big impact on allergies and those who suffer from asthma. To maintain a safe and healthy home, keep dust under control.

Clean at least once a week, including vacuuming and dusting the home. When you vacuum, use an appliance with a HEPA filter. This is a very effective way to trap dust and other allergens. For dusting, use a microfiber cloth to trap the dust so it doesn’t find its way back into the environment.

Have Your Home Tested

Other threats may exist in your home, including lead-based paint and radon gas. Lead has been known to cause brain damage, especially in young children, while radon is a radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. If you want to make sure your home is safe and healthy, hire a professional to test for these contaminants.

Examine Your Use of Chemicals

Chemicals can be found everywhere in your home, but some of the most common are found in cleaning products. They may be effective at cleaning and disinfecting, but they are also harmful to your health.

When young children are exposed to these chemicals, they can experience a variety of health issues, including asthma and learning disabilities because they affect brain development. To keep your home healthy, use all-natural, non-toxic products for cleaning.

Install Alarms for a Safe and Healthy Home

There are other hidden dangers in a home, including carbon monoxide. Install detectors in your home so you’ll know if CO is a threat to your family. Carbon monoxide detectors are available from retail stores and online. Carbon monoxide is odorless, which means that you may not realize it is in your home until it is too late.

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