A home inspection is a key part of a real estate transaction. Home buyers and sellers often forget to request radon testing along with their inspection. Radon is a dangerous gas that is released when radioactive materials break down in the rocks and soil beneath our homes. According to the EPA, unsafe levels of radon can be found in one out of every fifteen homes across the country. Forgoing a radon test because you think it’s just an extra expense could be a deadly mistake. Here are four reasons to test your home for radon.

Test Your Home Because Radon Gas is Carcinogenic

Exposure to radon gas is second only to smoking as a leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Protecting you and your family’s health is the single most important reason to test your home for radon. Since radon can build up over time, it’s also important to have your home periodically re-tested to make sure it remains safe.

Testing is the Only Way to Detect Radon

Radon gas is impossible to detect without a professional test. You can’t see it, smell it, or taste it. The only way you can get an accurate reading of radon levels is through testing with specialized equipment. The local hardware stores sell kits to conduct a radon test yourself, but the results are often inaccurate. Hire a professional home inspector to conduct your radon testing. Their expertise combined with superior testing equipment promises more accurate radon test results.

Radon Can be Released From Some Surprising Sources

The common perception is that radon is released by the rocks and soil in the ground the home is built upon. While that is true, radon can also be released from unexpected sources like granite building materials and countertop surfaces. Another place radon can be found is in the water supply.

Sell Your Home Faster by Testing for Radon

Just like a buyer with a mortgage pre-approval letter stands out, a home seller who gets their home tested for radon often sells the home faster. The buyer has peace of mind knowing that radon gas isn’t present or that it has been mitigated properly.

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