Cleaning and organizing your closets is one of those chores that is always on the to-do list but doesn’t ever get done. There are ways to keep your closet organization project simple and time-efficient. Here are 4 tips to help you organize your closets.

Clean Before Your Organize Your Closets

The first step is to empty your closets. Remove all of the clothes, shoes, accessories, blankets, and whatever else it is in there. Pull all of it out and set it to the side. Then, deep clean the empty closet. Wipe down the shelves and vacuum the floor.

Sort the Contents

Start by separating the contents into specific categories. Sort items into piles of work clothes, bathing suits, jackets, pants, tops, and more for the bedroom closets. For other closets, separate items by categories. If you have duplicates of a certain thing or have something that you never use, get rid of it. Start a bag for donations to a local thrift store.

How to Organize Your Closets

Once you can see how many things you are keeping, decide how you want to organize everything. Make a section in your closet that is dedicated to work clothes and another section for formal wear. Remove clothes that are out-of-season and put them in a separate storage area. This way, clothes that aren’t being used regularly won’t take up space in your closet.

Add things to your closet that will make it more user-friendly, like shelves and hooks. Store folded-up pants and sweaters on shelves and use hooks for accessories like belts and purses.

Using the same types of hangers helps make more room in your closets because hanging clothes will lay flat against each other, saving space. Buy hangers that are all the same and get rid of ones that don’t match.

Storage Tips

Using storage bins and vacuum-sealed bags are great ways to save extra space. Storage bins hold off-season clothing and sit in the attic or garage until the season comes. Then, swap them out for the current off-season clothing.

Vacuum sealed bags are also a great way to save space with bulky items like winter coats or blankets. Once you put the items into the bag, you use the vacuum to pull out any extra air, making the storage bag flat and compact. This means you can store it in a smaller space and fit more items in that same space. These bags also protect fabrics from moths, rodents, and other pests.

Now that you have read our guidelines for closet organization, you have a better idea of how to best approach this task.

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