Clutter tends to accumulate in the garage. With gardening tools, bikes, lawn care equipment, and other items, it’s not surprising how quickly the garage fills up. Luckily, there are creative solutions for garage storage so that you can get organized. The biggest challenge is that no two garages are the same and everybody has different needs. The best storage systems should be both flexible and easy to use.

Garage Storage Solutions Help You Stay Organized

Get Rid of the Clutter

If it has been a while since you’ve cleaned your garage, take the time to do so. After decluttering the space, you’ll have fewer things to organize. Separate your belongings into three piles: things you’ll keep, items to donate, and trash. Clean the garage and sort items as you go. Take out the trash and put boxes of things to be donated in your car so you can drop them off next time you run errands.

Shelving Solutions for Garage Storage

Shelving helps you get your belongings off the garage floor and organize them. There are different types available, including wooden, metal, and wire shelves. The style you choose will depend on what you need to store. If you’re short on space, look for under-used areas to install shelves, such as corner shelving or the space under the stairs.


Pegboard is easy to install and offers endless solutions for creative garage storage. This material is lightweight but sturdy enough to store your belongings. Pegboard is perfect for organizing tools, craft supplies, and gardening equipment. Your tools are easy to find when displayed on pegboard. With so many storage options: hooks, baskets, and small shelves, pegboard is a versatile solution.

Overhead Storage Solutions

The ceiling is a great place to store things you don’t use often, like the ladder or kid’s bicycles. Ceiling storage systems are available that allow you to slide plastic bins into supports on the rafters. Make sure that anything stored overhead, doesn’t interfere with the operation of the garage door. Also, verify that you’re using quality hardware to secure things to the ceiling.

Storage Bins

Storage bins are a great way to protect items from dust, dirt, insects, and moisture. Purchase inexpensive plastic bins from your local hardware or home goods store. Since they come in all different sizes, they are one of the most efficient garage storage solutions. You can find bins for any space. Clearly label each bin so you can quickly locate what you need.

Garage Storage Solutions to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to organizing your garage, it’s important to use what works best for you. Everybody has different needs. For example, if you ride your bike every day, hanging it from the ceiling won’t be the best solution. Other items like holiday decorations and out-of-season clothing can be stored overhead or in areas that are more difficult to access.

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