Cleaning gutters is a tedious task that many homeowners put off until it’s absolutely necessary. While this chore is unpleasant, it’s an important part of routine home maintenance.

Methods for Cleaning Gutters

With the right tools and a few hours of spare time, you can clean your own gutters. If you like DIY maintenance jobs, try cleaning out gutters one of these ways:

1. Power Washer

If you are experienced using a power washer, this tool will help make cleaning gutters easier. As leaves tend to get sticky and clump up together after a storm, using a power washer will help to break up this debris. With the high-pressure force of the power washer and the right attachments to reach inside the gutters, you may even be able to clear the gutters from ground level.

2. Wet/Dry Vacuum

Part of what makes this task so unpleasant is that you’re left with filthy piles of twigs and leaves on the ground. While other methods effectively remove the leaves from inside the gutter, they don’t solve the problem of the debris left behind. With a wet/dry vacuum, you’ll be able to clear out the leaves and then vacuum them up leaving no mess behind.

3. Leaf Blower

Not wanting to go through the tedious task of raking up leaves on the ground after cleaning the gutters? With a leaf blower as part of your gutter-cleaning arsenal, you can efficiently remove leaves and debris from your gutters by aiming the leaf blower directly into the gutters. With the help of an extension kit, you can blow the leaves out while you stand on the ground.

Though this method is effective, it can be particularly messy. Be sure to watch out for airborne leaves and debris when using the leaf blower.

4. Cleaning Gutters By Hand

The tried and true method for cleaning gutters is by hand. With the help of a bucket, ladder, gloves, and a gutter scoop, homeowners can clean all the debris and leaves out of their gutters. Though it takes some time and elbow grease, manually cleaning out your gutters will get the job done.

Finish the task by flushing your gutters with a hose until the downspouts are draining properly. If debris is is still inside, try using a plumbing snake to remove any clogs deep inside the gutters.

5. Hire Professional Help

If you aren’t comfortable with this task, consider hiring a professional to clean your gutters. With their specialized tools, professionals will clean out your gutters safely and also advise you of any damage and needed repairs.

Gutters play an important role in keeping your home’s foundation, landscape, and siding properly protected. Keep these tips for cleaning gutters in mind as you take on this task during fall.

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