Don’t Ignore Home Maintenance Tasks

Many home maintenance tasks are easy and inexpensive to deal with when handled promptly. They keep your house looking great and maintain property value. Delaying these projects can turn minor issues into major problems, costing hundreds or thousands of dollars to address.

Repair Plumbing Leaks Around the Home

Neglecting home maintenance tasks like checking for plumbing leaks can cause major damage to your home. Excessive moisture from a plumbing leak creates the right conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. Mold can cause health problems and structural damage, and mold remediation could become necessary.

Most homeowners are aware that faucet leaks waste water and should be fixed quickly. However, other plumbing leaks aren’t as obvious as a dripping tap. Make regular inspections for plumbing leaks, checking underused areas like guest bathrooms and under the sink cabinets.

if your toilet is making sounds, it usually has a leak from the tank to the bowl. Repairing the toilet promptly is key to preventing a spike in your water bill.

Cleaning Your Gutters is Important for Home Maintenance

Gutters carry rainwater to your downspouts, which direct water away from your foundation. Clogged gutters cannot perform their job. Skipping home maintenance tasks like cleaning your gutters can compromise your foundation, your siding, and your roof.

After cleaning your gutters, take a look at the downspouts. They should be depositing water far from your foundation. Make sure downspout extenders are connected.

Monitor Your Roof

From the ground, make a visual inspection of your roof. Look for damage to the flashing around skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys. A few missing or broken shingles can be replaced, but large patches of missing or damaged shingles often are a sign you need a new roof.

Check the attic for evidence of roof leaks. Dark areas on the wood are usually where water has already penetrated the roof. Like plumbing leaks, roof leaks provide the right conditions for mold growth. Roofing repairs should be made promptly to avoid costly expenses like replacing rotten wood and ruined insulation.

Inspect Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump should be tested at least twice a year by dumping water into its basin. The vertical float should rise to activate the pump, which in turn will remove the water.

If the sump pump isn’t working, it may need debris cleared out of it. Neglecting sump pump inspections could result in a flooded basement and damage to your belongings.

Home Maintenace Tasks Include Looking for Pests

Wood-destroying pests like termites and carpenter ants can cause significant structural damage to your home. Look for signs of these pests so you know they’re a problem before they cause widespread damage. Delaying pest inspections may result in the need for an expensive whole-house treatment.

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