Your home’s roof is an investment worth protecting. A home repair and maintenance specialist can ensure your roof remains durable by doing a yearly roof maintenance check.

Here are four yearly roof maintenance points to pay attention to. Call a roofing specialist if you have not had your roof inspected for the year.

Gutter System Care as Part of Your Yearly Roof Maintenance

Your gutters are part of your home’s roofing system and need inspecting yearly to ensure they’re not clogged with debris or hanging down. Let your roofing contractor know if you see water pouring out of an overflowing gutter. Excess water is a sign your gutters need immediate attention.

Shingle or Panel Care and Maintenance

If your shingles or roofing panels are missing, damaged, or aging, your roof’s risk of moisture and mold damage increases. Since replacing a roof is more costly than repairing minor issues when they arise, yearly roof maintenance for your roofing materials benefits your roof and budget.

Interior Roofing Maintenance

There’s more to your roof than its exterior; the interior matters too. Have your attic fans, insulation, and humidity levels checked.

Moisture damage is often not seen outside on your roof, so a visual inspection is not enough to keep your roof safe. Your roofing specialist will check the exterior and interior of your roofing system to ensure it’s free of moisture damage. Repair is recommended based on what an inspection reveals.

Roof Debris Maintenance

Few roofs are entirely free of debris. Mold and mildew can overtake a shingled or wooden shake roof without regular maintenance.

Other debris that may be on your roof includes bird and animal nests, fallen branches, leaves, and pinecones. Since it’s difficult to tell how dirty a roofing system is from the ground, it’s best to have an inspection of the roof done as part of a yearly roof maintenance plan.

Never attempt to inspect your roof on your own. You risk a fall and injury and may damage your roof in the process as well. Get on a roofing contractor’s regular maintenance schedule to help you stay on track for your yearly roof maintenance needs. 

Yearly roof maintenance is key to its longevity and durability. Keep reports and receipts of all roofing maintenance services for your insurance and personal records.

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