The weather is starting to warm up and it’s time to get your lawn ready for summer. Prep work this spring will pay off in a few months. If you want a lush green lawn with minimal maintenance, now is the time to get to work on spring lawn care.

1. Clear Old Foliage to Get Started With Spring Lawn Care

New growth will struggle if it is covered up with dead or dying foliage. Rake any fallen leaves and pine needles, clean out garden beds, prune dead branches from trees and bushes, and remove any plants that didn’t survive the winter.

2. Tidy the Lawn

To prepare your yard for summer, clean up the lawn. Pick up sticks and fallen limbs. Clear away dead leaves and old lawn clippings with a rake. Tidy up toys or sports equipment that is laying around the yard. Remove areas where water can collect to prevent a mosquito infestation as the weather warms.

3. Air it Out

The roots of your grass need proper aeration to absorb water and nutrients. Areas that get a lot of foot traffic may have soil that has been packed down. There are lawn aerating tools available online and in your local hardware store. You can find special rakes and even footwear with sharp tines.

4. Spring Lawn Care: Trim Weeds

The best time to stop weeds is before they get overgrown. Spring is the ideal time to apply weed control products to your lawn. It’s easier to stop them now than when they are well-established and taking over.

5. Plant Seeds

Spreading grass seed now will give the grass time to grow strong roots before the heat of summer. Be prepared to water more frequently during July and August and to reseed in the fall to keep the lawn looking vibrant.

6. Test the Soil

The best lawns have soil that is the right pH balance. If you have moss growing on your lawn, your soil may be too acidic. Grab an inexpensive soil test kit or send a sample to your local Cooperative Extension office for testing. Making sure your soil has the right pH is a key to a beautiful, healthy lawn.

7. Tune-Up Spring Lawn Care Tools

Get your gardening tools and lawn equipment ready for the season. Remove rust, sharpen blades, and call a professional for repairs, if needed. Having the lawn mower prepped and tools ready when you need them will save you time on your yard work.

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