Get Your House Ready to Sell‏

Putting your home on the market is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and the time and effort involved can sometimes feel overwhelming. Follow these simple tips to easily prepare your house to sell. ‏

Prepare Your House to Sell by Talking With an Expert‏

‏Even if you’ve done your research and think you know the market, talk to a real estate agent for assistance listing your property.

‏A real estate agent is helpful because they will: ‏

  • ‏advise you on a sale price
  • ‏find comparable sales on houses similar to yours‏ in square footage and features
  • ‏help you decide what repairs and upgrades are necessary‏
  • give you tips on improvements to make
  • advise you on staging the home

‏Clean Your Home‏

‏Cleaning the home is one of the most important things to‏ ‏prepare your house to sell. When house shopping, buyers will picture themselves living in the home. A tidy property is more appealing than one that’s cluttered and dirty. A house full of personal items, odors, and dusty blinds isn’t likely to inspire an offer.

‏You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your home ready. Steam clean the carpets, scrub floors and countertops, and wash the windows and mirrors. Clean the front door to make it look welcoming and inviting.

‏While you are cleaning, remove personal items such as family photos, memorabilia, and collectibles. Move items that won’t be used for staging to a storage unit.

‏Prepare Your House to Sell by Opening up the Space

‏Open spaces feel more inviting and attract better offers from buyers. You don’t have to have a large home, as even small homes can be made to feel more spacious.‏

  • Create space between things. Don’t push furniture together.‏
  • Add mirrors to smaller rooms. Their reflections trick your eye into seeing a larger area.‏
  • Replace dark rugs and curtains with lighter additions.
  • Open window blinds; the more light in the space, the larger it will feel.
  • Paint walls with a light neutral color to make rooms appear bigger.‏
  • Less is more. Declutter by removing extra dishes, appliances, and clothes. Donate or pack them away.

Improve Curb Appeal‏

‏It’s easy to focus all your time improving the inside of the house, but the outside contributes to people’s first impressions. Get your home ready by improving curb appeal. For ideas, walk around your property with a friend, as they’ll notice things you won’t. ‏

‏Make a list of issues that stand out. ‏What needs to be repainted or repaired? Make sure the landscaping is tidy and well cared for. The outside of the home should be free of garbage and yard litter like tree limbs and leaves. Clear spiderwebs and insect nests from the front porch and around the eaves.

‏Take Time to Prepare Your Home to Sell‏

‏You don’t need to spend a lot of money to prepare your house to sell. ‏Investing your time and attention into making the property look clean and spacious goes a long way toward making a quick sale.

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