If you’re a pet owner, you may want to make your home more accommodating for your animals. Here is a guide to pet-friendly home improvement projects that promise comfort and aesthetic charm for your space. Whether you’re a proud cat owner or a dog lover, these tips will help create a harmonious living environment for everyone under your roof.

Pet-Friendly Home Improvement: Create Safe Spaces for Sleep and Play

Dedicated Pet Zones

Creating a dedicated space for your pets is essential. It’s not just about assigning a corner for their bed; it’s about making them feel they have a secure spot of their own. Add a built-in kennel under the staircase, or create a custom nook with a comfy bed and storage for toys and treats.

Window Perches for Cats

Cats love to lounge in the sun and watch the outdoors. A simple home modification is installing a sturdy window perch. It gives your cat the perfect spot to sunbathe and bird-watch.

Pet-Friendly Flooring

Choose Pet-Friendly Materials for Home Improvement Projects

Your flooring must withstand claws, dirty paws, and occasional accidents. Opt for scratch-resistant flooring like bamboo, tile, or high-quality laminate. Carpeting isn’t a great choice because it traps odors and pet hair; instead, choose washable area rugs.

Slip-Resistant Additions

Pets may slip on slick floors, which can lead to injuries. Add rugs or textured rubber tiles in high-traffic areas to ensure your pets have a safe surface as they play.

Pet-Safe Home Decor

Safe Furnishings

If you have rambunctious pets, consider anchoring larger pieces of furniture to the walls. Anchors fasten into wall studs and secure the entertainment center and bookshelves so an excited pet won’t pull them over. Another common concern for pet owners is fur on the furniture. To keep your couch clean, install a washable cover. When the pet hair accumulates, remove the cover and launder it.

Non-Toxic Greenery

Plants add color and texture to your home and improve air quality, but verify your houseplants are non-toxic to pets. Spider plants, Boston ferns, and bamboo palms are safe options. Always check the ASPCA’s list of pet-safe plants before purchasing new foliage for your home.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Washable Walls are Great for Pet-Friendly Home Improvement

When painting your home, choose high-quality, washable paint for easy cleaning in areas your pets frequent. Semi-gloss or satin finishes allow you to wipe away messes without hassle.

Pet-Friendly Home Improvement: Install a Hidden Litter Box

For cat owners, a litter box that blends with your furniture maintains your design aesthetic and keeps the litter out of sight. Choose cabinets and cut a hole for an entrance, or purchase a bench that doubles as a litter box enclosure.

Incorporating these pet-friendly updates in your home makes life with your animal companions even more fun and comfortable. As a homeowner and pet lover, you can make improvements for a stylish home and a happy pet.


Can I implement pet-friendly improvements in a rental property or apartment?

Yes, some pet-friendly improvements are temporary and landlord-friendly. Use removable adhesive hooks and shelves for storing collars, leashes, and treats. Invest in portable pet gates or barriers and select furniture and decor items that can easily move with you to your next home.

Are there eco-friendly options available for pet-friendly updates?

Yes. Eco-friendly improvements promote sustainability while enhancing your pet’s living environment. Look for sustainable materials such as bamboo or recycled materials for pet accessories and furniture, and choose non-toxic cleaning products.

Can I make my outdoor space pet-friendly as well?

Absolutely! There are several ways to make your outdoor space pet-friendly. Install a turf or grass area for play, create shaded spots for your pet to relax, and incorporate pet-safe plants and landscaping features. Add a secure fence or enclosure to keep your pet safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Are there considerations for pet-friendly improvements for households with multiple pets?

Yes. It’s helpful to provide separate sleeping and feeding areas for each pet and ample space for play and exercise. Incorporate multi-level shelving or climbing structures for cats and provide multiple litter boxes in different areas of the home.

Can I install pet-friendly features in my home without undergoing major renovations?

Yes. Simple additions like window perches for cats and slip-resistant rugs for slick floors will enhance your pet’s comfort and safety without extensive remodeling.

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