Winter is here and while it’s not the most popular time to buy a new home, you may find yourself needing to relocate during this season. When moving, a little bit of preparation goes a long way in making sure all of your belongings will make it through the process intact. Here are a few helpful tips for moving in winter.

Winter Tips for Moving House

1. Use Sturdy Boxes When Moving in Winter

Cardboard is not the best material for withstanding wet weather. Pack your more valuable belongings in plastic boxes.

2. Label the Moving Boxes

Use labels to mark which room each box belongs in. This will help you keep track of where boxes go in the home, and it will also be helpful for the movers, should you decide to hire them.

3. Wrap Fragile Items

Some belongings are more susceptible to damage when the temperatures are below freezing. Wrap fragile items like glass and china securely to protect them from damage during the move.

4. Clear Walkways of Ice When Moving in Winter

The season can bring snowy or icy weather. To stay safe, shovel snow off walkways and steps and use salt to provide traction and melt ice.

5. Pack the Heaviest Boxes at the Bottom of the Truck

When loading the truck, place the lighter boxes on the top and heavier ones towards the bottom. This way, larger boxes won’t crush smaller ones if they move around in the truck.

6. Know the Weather Forecast

For winter moving, stay current on the weather forecast. It’s helpful to know what to expect when moving from one place to another. Be flexible with your plans. If severe weather moves in, it may be necessary to postpone the move for a day or two until it’s safe to travel.

7. Heater Safety When Moving in Winter

Keep the space heater a safe distance from belongings and boxes that might be flammable. This is especially important when you’re moving because you’ll be shuffling things around while packing.

8. Keep Valuables Separate

If you have valuable artwork or antiques, pack them in special boxes to protect them from moisture and other damage. Some items like artwork and electronics are better protected when transported inside a warm vehicle rather than in the back of a cold moving truck.

The winter months can be brutal when you’re trying to move your things from one place to another. Using these tips will help your belongings make it through the moving process without damage.

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