You don’t need a large backyard to enjoy the outdoors in the summertime. Create a pleasant and comfortable space for your guests by using these tips to improve your deck and patio.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Lighting goes a long way in transforming the atmosphere of a deck, courtyard, or patio.

  • Fairy lights can be used almost anywhere. Drape them across a countertop or bar, hang them along a trellis, or use the tiny lights to illuminate potted plants.
  • String lights provide some illumination and encourage guests to spend time outside after the sun goes down.
  • Try solar stake lights to brighten a pathway and use decorative solar lanterns for an artistic, power-saving alternative.

Declutter to Improve Your Deck

Especially if you have children, the porch, deck, or patio can quickly become cluttered. Encourage the kids to gather their toys and put away bikes and scooters. If you use the deck as a place to store empty planters, potting soil, and gardening tools, make a storage area that is tidy and organized. You’ll want to use the deck or patio more often in the summer, so declutter to maximize the space.

Invest in Cozy Furniture

Comfortable seating, like lounge chairs, overstuffed couches, and beanbags, promotes relaxation. Add cushions decorated with fun patterns instead of solid, neutral colors for a unique and creative touch. Pair your seating with small side tables or a coffee table for serving food or drinks.

Shade is Key

This deck and patio idea is a perfect place for entertaining or just relaxing outside alone. Take advantage of natural shade by arranging furniture beneath trees. If that’s not possible, purchase a large retractable overhead shade to cover the space.

Make the Most of a Small Space

Maximize a smaller space by using furniture with built-in storage. This allows you to have easy access to things you need outdoors, like sunscreen, grilling supplies, and toys for the kids, while enjoying a clutter-free space.

Improve Your Deck by Installing a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a great addition to your deck or patio if you have space. The fire provides warmth and makes any deck or patio feel more inviting.

Liven Up the Space With Plants

An easy deck and patio idea for the summer is hanging potted plants or adding a container garden with colorful flowers. Create an attractive, lush, and natural background for relaxing on the patio.

Reimagine Patio Accessories to Improve Your Deck

Stylish accessories, like a sleek bar cart, wicker serving tray, or attractive candle holders, are interesting design elements and useful for entertaining.

Don’t Rush the Design Process

Take your time personalizing your space, as patio improvement ideas may come to you gradually. Shop around and compare items, so you end up with precisely what you’ve visualized for creating an ideal outdoor living space.

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