The front door welcomes visitors to your home and protects you from opportunistic criminals. An attractive entryway boosts curb appeal, but it’s also essential to keep your home and family safe. Here are a few tips to improve front door security.

Choose a Solid-Core Door

Interior doors are typically hollow-core doors, which are easier to break through in an emergency. Hollow-core doors are also less expensive. If you have a hollow-core door as an entryway door, improve front door security by replacing it with a steel or solid-core door. Security doors are available in various styles, shapes, and designs to match any home.

Install a Chain to Improve Front Door Security

Most homeowners have a traditional locking knob and a deadbolt installed on the door. Improve front door security by installing a door chain that allows you to open the door to speak with someone outside, but without fully opening the door. When installing a door chain, use long screws that won’t easily pull out if someone tries to break in.

Rekey the Lock When Moving

After moving homes, install a new lock or rekey the current lock. The average homeowner has passed out spare keys to different people, including babysitters, cleaning services, pet sitters, and friends. Install a new lock to improve safety.

Choose Reinforced Glass to Improve Front Door Security

Glass panels are a beautiful accent to front and side doors. However, they are also a liability because glass is easy to break. An intruder may smash the glass and then reach inside to unlock the door. Purchase transparent security film and apply it to glass doors to strengthen the glass and prevent it from shattering easily. Reinforced glass doors are available for purchase if you enjoy the look of glass in your entryway.

Use Bright Exterior Lighting

A poorly lit entry appeals to a burglar hoping to get into a house undetected. Insufficient lighting makes it difficult for neighbors and security cameras to detect activity on the porch. Invest in multiple types of lighting for the exterior of your home. Turn on the porch light at night. Install motion-activated lights on the side of the house and by the front walkway. Solar-powered LED stake lights marking a path to the front door boost safety and security.

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