When you are ready to buy your dream home, you have two options. You can find a pre-owned home that satisfies most of your criteria, or you can have a new home constructed. If you choose the first route, you will order a home inspection without giving it a second thought. However, some homebuyers don’t think it is necessary to have a home inspection on new construction. Here are some reasons why it is in your best interest to schedule this service with a third-party inspector.

New Construction Can Be Flawed

When multiple people are working on a big construction project, there is always the possibility of error. Constructing a home is a complicated endeavor, and it is tough for the general contractor to supervise the work of all the subcontractors at once.

Subcontractors who specialize in different home components all have a hand in the final product. They vary in experience, skills, and quality of workmanship. Material defects may also be overlooked. By having a third-party professional perform inspections at various points during the build, mistakes can be corrected before moving on to the next phase of construction.

How a Home Inspection on New Construction Differs from a Code Inspection

You may think that the code inspection that is required to gain occupancy covers everything that a home inspection on new construction would. While this would be convenient, it is simply not the case. A municipal code inspection checks for basic code compliance, but does not evaluate the quality of workmanship or materials.

Don’t Let Construction Problems Become Your Responsibility

If a problem is discovered during a home inspection on new construction, it is the builder’s responsibility to remedy it. Once you move in, it becomes hard to tell if the damage is from wear and tear or the original construction. If you don’t learn about problems before you move in, you will have to deal with workers making repairs once you’re already living in your home.

Be Confident When You Sell the Home with a Home Inspection on New Construction

If you had a home inspection on new construction when the house was being built, you can be confident about certain aspects of its condition when you decide to sell it. While wear and tear, age, and the elements may have caused issues over time, you can be sure that there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the home when you moved in. Showing the home inspection report to the potential home buyer may encourage them to place an offer.

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