Over the past year of a pandemic, air purifiers have gained more attention and popularity. You may have seen businesses advertising that they use an air purifier to make it safer to be indoors with others and wondered if you’d benefit from a device at home. Here is an overview of the benefits of home air purifiers and the different types.

Air Purifier Size Ratings

Most air purifiers are rated by how large of a room they can treat. If you are buying a portable air purifier as opposed to a whole-house version, it’s important to measure the room first.

Buy an air purifier that is rated for the square footage of the room where you’re placing it. If you purchase one that is meant for a smaller room, it won’t clean the air as effectively. If you purchase an air purifier meant for a larger space, you’ll be spending more money unnecessarily.

Basic Air Purifiers

You’ll find that the most affordable air purifiers are those without true HEPA filters. Some may be labeled as HEPA-like, but this is just a marketing trick to make people think they are buying a HEPA purifier.

It is well worth it to spend the extra money to buy a true HEPA air purifier if you are bothering to buy one at all. They remove a greater percentage of tiny particles and will do a better job at cleaning your air.

HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA is a label for the premium type of air-cleaning filter. True HEPA filters remove 99.7% of particles that are .3 microns or larger. This means that they can capture pollutants like dust, pollen, mold spores, and bacteria.

A HEPA air purifier is a great investment for any household but is especially beneficial for those who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues. Put one in each bedroom and also in the common living area.

Whole-House Air Purifiers

Another option for air purifiers is installing a purification system that attaches to the HVAC system of the home. This means that you only have one set of filters to change and your entire home benefits from cleaner air. A whole-house air purifier will cost more than the above options, but it is the best option for any homeowner who is serious about clean indoor air.

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