Modern homes use electricity to power appliances and to illuminate and heat our living spaces. Your property relies on a network of wires, outlets, switches, and a breaker box. While electricity is necessary, it can also be dangerous. Here are a few helpful tips to practice electrical safety in the home.

Don’t Connect Extension Cords

Extension cables shouldn’t be overused. They are only intended to temporarily provide power in a place that doesn’t have a convenient outlet. Use a cord that is the correct length for the job and never link extension cords. This may cause an overloaded circuit and an electrical fire. If you find yourself frequently in need of extension cords, call an electrician to install additional power outlets.

Unplug Appliances for Electrical Safety

If you’re not using an appliance, unplug it. Electronics and appliances continue to draw power when they are plugged in, even if they’re not powered on. Unplugging unused devices will help to lower your utility bill and reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

Keep Outlets Unobstructed

Never cover electrical outlets with furniture, draperies, or clutter. Leave a few inches between your outlet and your belongings for electrical safety. Outlets can get hot with use and may ignite a fire.

Electrical Safety and Power Cords

To support electrical safety, frayed cords and damaged electrical appliances should be repaired or replaced immediately. Damaged wiring can cause electric shocks or start a fire. To protect cords and wires, keep them out of the way of foot traffic. When not in use, roll wires and pack them away to prevent damage.

Read Appliance Instructions

Most appliances have maintenance and upkeep recommendations from the manufacturer. Take the time to read the instruction manual to understand how to properly use the device. This will help keep you safe and ensure the product’s warranty remains valid.

Be Mindful of Children

Each year, children are injured by electricity. Frayed or damaged cords and curious children exploring power outlets are two common causes of accidents. Young kids don’t understand the dangers of electricity, so make adjustments to your home to keep them safe. Outlet covers keep infants and toddlers safe from an electric shock. Keep extension cords out of the reach of children and put away any appliances or electronics that aren’t in use.

Electrical Safety Means Calling a Professional

If your electrical system is experiencing issues or you need wiring or electrical work, call a licensed electrician. You may hope to save money by tackling these projects yourself, but without the proper training and equipment, you’re taking a dangerous risk. Licensed electricians are trained professionals who have the experience to do the job right and complete the work safely.

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