As the seasons change, chilly weather sends many of us indoors in search of warmth. But with a few simple adjustments, you can extend your enjoyment of the backyard well into winter. Read on for tips on how to warm outdoor living spaces.

Make Outdoor Living Spaces Warm and Cozy

Outdoor Heaters and Fire Pits

When the weather turns cold, adding a small fire pit or outdoor heater is one of the easiest ways to warm up the porch or patio. If you decide to build a fire pit, choose an area with nothing overhead that may catch fire. If the fire pit is on a wooden deck, place a fireproof mat underneath it. Use seasoned hardwood in your wood-burning fire pit. Damp, freshly cut wood will produce more smoke and sparks.

Gas fire pits are convenient because they can be turned on and off quickly, but they don’t get as hot as a wood-burning fire pit. The propane fuel is easy to find at hardware and home improvement stores.

Electric heaters are another good option. They work well in outdoor areas that are more enclosed – you only need to have a power outlet nearby. Safety risks come with electric heaters as well, so be sure to follow all operating instructions when using them.

Add a Hot Tub to Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

In the heat of the summer, taking a dip in a cold swimming pool is a refreshing way to spend your afternoon. But once the seasons change, the thought of getting into cool water isn’t appealing. Adding a hot tub to your backyard lets you continue enjoying the water comfortably through the fall and winter. Hot tubs require frequent maintenance and may not be a good fit for everyone. However, if you plan to use it regularly and have the funds, the investment is worth it.

Covered Gazebos and Pergolas

Adding protection from the elements is another great way to warm up outdoor living spaces. Consider getting a pergola or covered gazebo to help keep you dry and warm even if it’s snowing or raining outside. If you’re using an electric heater, having your patio or garden covered also helps trap heat in the space.

Take it a step further and add heavy drapes to your pergola. This will help block chilly winds from cooling off the area. Choose thick canvas or velvet curtains and install them around the perimeter of your gazebo or pergola.

You don’t have to spend cooler months stuck indoors. Make a few upgrades to your outdoor spaces and you can enjoy your yard year-round.

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