Whether you spend every weekend lounging by the pool or if you occasionally enjoy a cool shower after finishing yard work, the water bills in the summer are often higher. However, using resources wisely is still important during the hottest time of the year. Here are some of the best ways to conserve water this summer.

Water Plants in the Morning

If you’re trying to reduce water use, start in your own backyard. The heat of the sun rapidly absorbs water from plants and turf. As a result, it’s best to water deeply and thoroughly in the morning to allow plants and grass to soak up as much moisture as possible before the heat of the day dries everything. Watering early in the day reduces the frequency you need to water.

Time Your Shower to Conserve Water This Summer

How long does the shower run before you step inside? Set a timer and pay attention to the length of your shower. Trimming only two minutes from each shower in your household conserves approximately 1,750 gallons of water every year per family member.

Cover the Pool

Many families enjoy using backyard pools to stay cool, but these features rapidly consume water and drive utility bills higher. Always cover the pool when you are not actively using it. A pool cover helps prevent evaporation and keeps you from having to refill the pool as frequently. A cover also helps to maintain the water temperature and keeps the pool clean.

Invest in Efficient Fixtures to Conserve Water This Summer

Plumbing fixtures are another place water is wasted without even realizing it. Swap your showerheads for low-flow models that provide a steady spray of water without using as much. For faucets, install aerators to make the most of every drop from the tap.

Reuse Water Whenever Possible

If you run the shower for a minute while you wait for it to warm up or have water left over after steaming vegetables, save it. This water can be used to wash your hands, water plants outside, and clean the house. Repurposing water goes hand in hand with reducing consumption.

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